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Tuesday Questions and a Helicopter?

Yesterday, I got up late for some reason and this morning I got up early.  So I starting with a prayer to help our business grow and to help me be a better Father and Husband.  Then I continued a project I started last night on an application for my Windows Phone 7 to calculate the distance one has traveled.  Since the free app that I have been using is about to expire.  I’m making my app very simple and hope to have it very accurate down to just a few feet.

I then felt impressed to pick up the Bible and start studding Acts.  Since I just started and took down some notes, I determined quickly that this will be an interesting study.  Stay Tuned!

After Breakfast Johnathan walks up.

He said: Daddy can we make a remote control car from this helicopter that does not fly?  So I said: Hummm…  How can you hook a gear box to the shaft of the helicopter?  He said: We can just take about the engine and modify it to work on wheels.  It is cool that he dreams up these things, but will it work?  I guess we will see.

It seems as though we might get some rain here in Fayetteville today.  I looked on the radar before I left for the kids school and thought it was going to rain, but nothing fell out of the sky.

I just looked at the radar (8:16am) and it looks as though it is swirling around us to the NW.