Severe Storms Possible Today!

Looks as though the computer models are showing that there is a slight chance for severe storms in the area after 3pm today. In central Oklahoma, there is a moderate chance of severe storms. The primary threat with these storms are large hail and damaging winds. In the moderate area, the tornado threat is much greater than NWA.


Tuesday Questions and a Helicopter?

Yesterday, I got up late for some reason and this morning I got up early.  So I starting with a prayer to help our business grow and to help me be a better Father and Husband.  Then I continued a project I started last night on an application for my Windows Phone 7 to calculate the distance one has traveled.  Since the free app that I have been using is about to expire.  I’m making my app very simple and hope to have it very accurate down to just a few feet.

I then felt impressed to pick up the Bible and start studding Acts.  Since I just started and took down some notes, I determined quickly that this will be an interesting study.  Stay Tuned!

After Breakfast Johnathan walks up.

He said: Daddy can we make a remote control car from this helicopter that does not fly?  So I said: Hummm…  How can you hook a gear box to the shaft of the helicopter?  He said: We can just take about the engine and modify it to work on wheels.  It is cool that he dreams up these things, but will it work?  I guess we will see.

It seems as though we might get some rain here in Fayetteville today.  I looked on the radar before I left for the kids school and thought it was going to rain, but nothing fell out of the sky.

I just looked at the radar (8:16am) and it looks as though it is swirling around us to the NW.

Mother’s Day

Wow! This Mother’s Day was not just great for my wife but it was great for me as well. Yesterday, we went to see Les Miserables at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville AR. Wonderful performance and excellent sound and lighting effects. It was nice to see something that my wife loves. Now I see why.
After the 3 hour show, we went out for a nice dinner and then on a 4 mile walk. One of the best days that we have had so far. This one goes down in the history books.

At the play in the Walton Arts Center.

School Almost Over?

I can’t believe it! School for the boys is almost over! Then what?
Jac and I will have to do our best at keeping the boys busy.

Some of the activities planned will be:

School Church Camp
RC Flying
Arts and Crafts
Ozark Camp-meeting
Family Vacation